New Users

Norma, Shari and Steve – are you up for some reading?

Consider checking out –

WordPress Web Sites – a beginers step by step guide

WordPress Missing Manual

WordPress site


Creating a “Post” recipe:

  1. From dashboard – choose posts
  2. Press “Add New”
  3. Enter content in editor
  4. If your are adding a photo, use add media.  If the photo is larger than 2 MB you will need to resize it.  (This is an issue I am working out…)
  5. If you are a windows person this article was helpful for resizing –
  6. When you have finished your article look on the bottom right of your screen and select a category from the “Categories” box.  The categories align with the menu for the site.  If there is an entry missing for your content let me know and we can add it.
  7. On the top right choose “Publish” when you are ready.
  8. After publishing verify your article is there by visiting the site via the link on the top left of the screen “Friends Of Webster Trails”

Adding an event to the calendar

  1. Click events
  2. Choose “Add New”
  3. Enter in relevant data
  4. Publish
  5. Check right margin on front page  (we will be adding a calendar page…)