January 2016


PRESENT: S. Gnolek, S. Padgett, J. Boettcher, N. Platt, J. Darling, D. Bilsback, C. Pratt, R. Morrill, A. Frank, D. Schaeffer, L. Yost, R. Happ

AGENDA and November Minutes accepted.

TREASURER’S REPORT, C. Pratt. Total $12, 828.54. Detailed report and year end attached.

MEMBERSHIP, D. Bilsbach. 187 members.

WEBSITE, N. Platt.

– dog doo, Big Field. Hal sent note to M. Yaeger. Boxes will be installed.

– a name misspelled on membership list fixed

– volunteer hours; 2387, 2015. Will be in Herald


– Website Design, D. Shafer. Site demo shown and explained. Members will be able to   

contribute events and content on own rather than through web master.

– Project List, 2016. List attached.  Comments and ideas should be sent to S. Padgett.


– Top 5 Goals for 2016.

– Board directed to think about discussion of project list, plus the list of

priorities from Nov. minutes. Discuss in Feb.

– FWT tee shirts, A. Frank. Cotton $6 per; tech $10 per

– Do we want to do this? Tabled for now.

– Updates/requests.

– from the GLT, request for help in planning the 10 year anniversary of the

Gosnell Property. J. Boettcher and N. Platt will assist. S. Gnolek to

follow up.

– Webster Chamber of Commerce wants a speaker at the 7am meeting on our trails.

J. Darling will do this.

– Updates from PROSAR. H. Harris absent.

– Hojack Trail stewards. Are they still the same? S. Gnolek will check.

SEE AGENDA for upcoming items for February meeting.

Meeting adjourned. Next meeting, Feb. 8, 2016, Web Rec. Center. 7pm.