Finn Park Boardwalk

Finn Park Boardwalk Installation

The Friends of Webster Trails is excited to announce the completion of a boardwalk near the south boundary of Finn Park.  Michael Dedee of Troop 260 completed this project to fulfill the leadership requirements for Eagle Scout rank advancement.

The trail near Route 104 dips into a swale.  The spring rains fill the swale making passage difficult.  Wood pallets were placed in the swale but they only mitigated the problem.  The new boardwalk solves the problem and is quite impressive.  The pallets were removed and discarded.

Michael was able to obtain the services to FSI Contractors for design and installation assistance. Lowe’s was able to provide materials at a significant discount.  A special thanks goes out to these entities.

A total of 48 volunteers spent a total of 229 hours to complete this project.

Michael is in Grade Eight  at Webster Spry Middle School.  His interests include baseball and volleyball.


Finn Park Boardwalk 1280 by 848