April 2016


PRESENT: S. Gnolek, N. Platt, L. Yost, J. Boettcher, S. Galbraith, R. Happ, R. Morrill, A. Frank, S. Padgett, H. Harris, D. Bilsback

FROM THE COMMUNITY: Rebecca Bonn, John Crittenden, Hayden Woodworth; and parents of scouts


Introduction of R. Bonn as Finn Park trail steward

new Midnight Trail steward Bill Mead not present

AGENDA:  add emphasis on new website and passports

MARCH MINUTES; small changes made when submitted to website

MEMBERSHIP, D. Bilsback. 179 members; 3 new

WEBSITE INQUIRY SUMMARY, N. Platt. Details attached.

request for a trail to adopt

any Earth Day events? no

when are workdays; not on website


Scout Project Presentations

1. John Crittenden, WRNP Red Trail bridge replacement; Handout attached.

Begin removal May 14; temporary bridge installed; est. $700. Old stuff will be

removed via Brown Trail to Whiting Rd. J. Janto will be contacted.

2. Hayden Woodworth, Sandbar kiosk. Similar to ones at WR and FMC. Drawing 

attached. Has talked to Town about placement. Will be perpendicular to road.

Possible Memorial Day weekend installation. Est. $550.


– proposal to include off road cycling in Webster Park

– goal of organization to make trails better for all users

– approval would give permission to improve or build trails

– do we support?

MOTION, H. Harris. Support GROC proposal to improve trails for mountain bike use if permission is granted.  SECOND, J. Boettcher. Motion passed.

WRNP TREE STUDY, N. Platt. Study is attached. To raise awareness of emerald ash borer issue and resulting decimation of trees.

– big project to replace diseased trees, in money and labor

– plant oak or other native seedlings as R. Happ has done

– need protection for years from deer and invasives

– 3 options: do nothing; make a plan, try for grant $; choose a doable spot

MOTION, H. Harris. Second, A. Frank. Thank you for the study; push issue on to Parks and Rec.

Motion withdrawn


Community Arts Day. Question on availability of passports. D. Bilsback will look into; program is not dead.

PROSAR, H. Harris

– committee needs 2 more people; N. Platt will send out the PROSAR agenda and

minutes to FWT board when pertinent topics exist

WEBSITE STATUS, S. Gnolek. It is usable now, needs some tweaking. Board should look at and send feedback to D. Shaffer.


Walk/review of trail by Library. 4/16, 9am. H. Krieger wants help. S. Gnolek and H. Harris will attend.

Monroe County Pick-up-the-Parks, 4/23, Webster Park

Webster Chamber of Commerce, 4/29

Library personnel hike, FMCP, 5/1

Presentation at Town Electronic Meeting, 5/4

Trail workday, GBWP, 5/14

GLT 10 year celebration of GBW, 6/11

Webster Trail classic, 6/4

Rusty and damaged plaques; N. Platt will order new when she gets info from old from stewards

Gosnell Tablet sign, N. Platt. Has been stolen. MOTION, N. Platt. Take out post. Do not replace. Second, H. Harris. Motion passed.

Annual Financial Audit, C. Gumina absent.

New Hojack Trail stewards needed.

FWT brochures. D. Bilsback will reorder.

Wellfield support letter will be sent to the Committee, the Village, the Town and Parks and Rec.

MEETING adjourned. Next meeting, May 9, Webster Rec. Center.