July 2016

Friend of Webster Trail Board Meeting July 11,2016 Chiyoda Community Center

Present: Hal Harris, Craig Pratt, Jeff Darling, Ron Happ, Denise Bilsback, Dennis Kuhn, Norma Pratt, John Boettcher , Stephen Padgett

Agenda: accepted June Minutes approved and distributed Treasury report

Checking Savings Petty cash Total



$2839.07 $7932.14 $80.08 $10853.29

$728.71 $30.50 $171.50

$.76 $246.32

card member services, Lowes Yost supplies

Pens Recognition Experts

Interest M and T Dues and donations

$23.85 PayPal

Ken Lou Grant Approx $933 Membership Highlights 185 members

Website Inquiry Summary

Craig Pratt Treasurer 7/6/16

1. Most of the inquires from the website could have been answered if the new website was up and running…Norma

2. Injury for Wegmans passports from Marshall Farms in North Rose for 25 passports. Denise packaged and mailed them.

Main Topics

• Eagle Project presentation by: Michael Roland Dedee from troop 260 Finn Park Bridge working with contractor that is advising $1,220.00 estimate July 30-31, 2016, needs 30 people to help… Approved by the board

• Feedbacks for workdays—low turn out. Website upgrade may help for more to turn out. Approved to move forward on yellow at FMCP

• George Winter came to discuss the Hojack at Vosburg—tree down and over grown. Hojack trail Stewart removed the tree and cut back some of the brush after we received email. Mr Winter thought the trails needs to be cut back more. Potential for Larry to get his mower in that area. Andy Frank to go check out the area this week.

• Webster trails documentary was intro Karen Buck, Programming Director Webster Cable Access TV. Suggestions: John will be contact. Do each trail in 30 minute segments. Include Wegman passport, work day, trail Stewarts, and encourage new membership.

• Chiyoda trail up date—New reroute in progress. Brush has been cut back. Round up to the area, there was lots of poison ivy. Tree was cut down; stump will need to be removed. A drainage pipe is needed. Jeff still has a piece we could use and will deliver to the site. Chiyoda sign was removed for now and will be replacing to another spot after the gravel is moved. Several volunteers to help. Need some rain and cooler weather to dig the ditch for the pipe.

• Craig—pens are in and look nice • Dennis Kuhn- 3 new tree signs identified and signs were made for FMCP (Hemlock, Eastern Cottonwood and Beech trees) Gunshot signs are in progress. • Steve Padgett will look into new Plexiglas for BST and Hojack Kiosk • NO updates on Webster Trails or Hickory Bark Trial

Upcoming Events

• Trail workday August 13

• Trail workday September 10th • Town Employee Wellness Fair (October 6)—Craig and Dennis volunteer to help

• Train workday October 8th • Masonic Lodge Spaghetti Dinner January 6—Dennis with Craig Pratt as back up. Will need 30 volunteer.

Next Meeting –August 8th @7pm at Webster Park and Recreation Center—Chiyoda Drive