June 2016


PRESENT: S. Gnolek, J. Darling, H. Harris, R. Happ, C. Pratt, R. Morrill, L. Yost, A. Frank, S. Padgett, D. Kuhn, S. Galbraith


Agenda – add Chiyoda Trail

Minutes – accepted as distributed

Membership – 184 members; donation, $134. 58.

Treasurer’s report attached.


Eagle Scout projects, Stephen

– kiosk at Finn Park,  June 28; footbridge at Finn next in line

Hickory Bark Trail Proposal, Jeff

– report on meeting with library personnel.  They agree with proposal of a 

  nature trail.  (See May minutes)Possible mural and maps in the foyer.  Trail should be wide enough to accomodate strollers and wheelchairs.

MOTION, Jeff – implement the proposal; SECOND, Shari.  Motion passed. Jeff will

    implement.  Possible workday this season.

Pens vs. Pencils; some discussion.

MOTION, Craig – purchase pens; with “Friends of Webster Trails” on one line;

  ” Webstertrails.org” on second. Order same amount as last time.  SECOND, Larry. Motion passed.


Chiyoda Trail, Denise. Gravel has been delivered. Suggest rerouting end so trail

meets boardwalk.  Board agreed.

Finn Park mowing update. Shari. A man has been mowing a sports field; got a

citation from Town.  The mowing has to stop. Town will mow until we find

someone to mow, and the bridge is in

Gunshot signs/ tree signs, Dennis. Sign shown to Board. Approved. Nothing new on

tree signs.

Spaghetti dinner fundraiser, 1/6/17, Dennis.  Board approved.

Webster Park mapping and trail blazing, Jeff. Loysen in charge now; Jeff will meet

with him.

Article in 55 Magazine on FWT,  Denise. Photo and essay shown to Board.

New brochures are in.

First Responder update; waiting for contact.

Conflict of Interest. All agreed and signed.

Website update, Shari.  Nothing new.

Workday, GBWP, Andy. Reroute completed so mower has access.

6/18, workday, WRNP

More trails being mowed in north of Big Field. Is this confusing? Larry will speak

with Mark Yaeger about this; trail especially wide on north side

Webster Classic Race, Andy. Went very well. 135 participants.

GLT Celebration of GBWP canceled because of weather.

Orienteering club had made a map. Perhaps we can arrange another

event. Shari will contact.

Bruce Gilman hike/talk may be rescheduled by GLT.

Upcoming events

6/18, workday, WRNP

7/9 workday, WRNP

10/6 Town Employee Wellness Fair

Meeting adjourned; next meeting July 11, 2016, Webster Rec. Ctr.