May 2016


PRESENT: S. Gnolek, C. Pratt, J. Boettcher, N. Platt, H. Harris, R. Happ, L. Yost, S. Padgett, A. Frank, D. Kuhn, D. Bilsback, J. Darling, S. Galbraith

FROM THE COMMUNITY: Mrs. Cleary and Nate Cleary


– Agenda: add Nate Cleary presentation

– Minutes, last meeting, approved

– Membership, no changes

-Treasurer’s report, attached

– Website inquiries

– spouses don’t get emails; Denise will fix

– trail adoption query; is there one? possibly the Bird Sanctuary; Denise will    check to see if members

– owl box being donated; Norma will install


– kiosk at Finn Park; 2-sided. One for Finn family farm history, other for FWT info

– placement to be decided after checking with Parks/Rec

– June 4th to be installed

– $700 to $800 cost


– Trail committee

– May 14 first workday,Small Meadow reroute

– what tools does FWT have? Jeff will arrange for Andy to get them

– MOTION , Jeff – have a snack for workers; SECOND, John. PASSED.

– ALSO, May 14, fortify trail to Small Meadow to prevent herd trails.

– trail to Pellett is fairly good

– Baker Rd. fence line overgrown – too big a project for this day

– new Yellow Trail, FMCP. Add another workday in July or October possibly

– Scout Projects

– Finn Park tree planting done

– Eagle Scout kiosk, WR completed

– next, Red Trail bridge at WR

– Passports. Program not dead. New ones are in, Rec. Ctr. and Wegman’s

– Brochures. 2000 have been ordered.

– Chiyoda Trail. Material for wet spots has been ordered.

– Gunfire signs for FMCP. How many? 3: kiosk, bridge, firing range vicinity

– MOTION, Norma. SECOND, Craig. Purchase 3 signs. PASSED.

– Tree signs, FMCP. Should some be moved from Blue to Red Trail? Should we add 

  hemlock and cottonwood? DISCUSSION: don’t move. Get new ones. Perhaps at a

  later date, put some in WR. Dennis will look into cost.

– Hickory Bark Trail Proposal Draft attached. DISCUSSION. Pro’s and con’s. Suggestions

  made and noted on draft. MOTION, Jeff. SECOND, Craig. Table now. discuss FWT

  involvement at next meeting. PASSED.

– Website status, testing, rollout plans. Board to look at what is there now and send

  along suggestions and questions.


– Wellness Fair, 10/6/16. Yes on FWT involvement

– rusted plaque info turned in to Norma

– WRNP sign installed.

– trail brochure boxes; one on hand

– Hojack Trail steward, Ellen Mallery

– Webster Park mapping and blazing; no info

– First Responder update; no info

– Rails to Trails funds. “Left-over” funds from projects can be applied for. Perhaps for

  Hojack Trail? Not this year.

– Pens and pencils. We are running out of pens. Should we order more? or, go to

  pencils? Craig will check cost

– Community Arts Day, very good. Thanks to all who worked.

– Library Personnell hike, FMCP, May 22, 2pm. Dennis will lead.

– Webster Chamber of Commerce meeting. Jeff said well attended.

– Electronic Town Meeting. Shari reported – few questions


– Girl Scout hike, FMCP, 6pm. 5/11. Dennis

– Trail workday, May 14, 9am

– GLT 10 year celebration, 6/11

– Webster Trail Classic, 6/4

Meeting adjourned. Next meeting JUNE 13, 2016, WEB. REC. CTR.