August 2016


PRESENT: S. Gnolek, D. Bilsback, C. Pratt, L. Yost, R. Happ, A. Frank, H. Harris, S. Padgett, D, Kuhn, S. Galbraith, J. Boettcher, D. Schaefer, E. Mallory

ADMINISTRATIVE TASKS Agenda – add Chiyoda update MINUTES – approved as read TREASURER’S REPORT – $10,268.25; detailed report attached MEMBERSHIP – 185; 5 new members

WEBSITE – Hojack weeds; is this mowed by Town? yes, between Hard and Phillips; in late July and August. H. Harris will call. – weeds very tall on Holt Rd. crossing, a danger to walkers. FWT will see to this. – tree on WRNP Yellow Trail – done – other inquiries seen to by N. Platt

MAIN TOPICS – Communication, J. Boettcher. Press release to Herald and Post

– article to Town Times for Sept. on 10 yr. anniversary of Gosnell – meeting and Big Woods tour with Karen Buck – working toward info for Annual Meeting and fall newsletter – wants photos on August work day

Work day/trail update, A. Frank – how to get more workers – new brochure boxes installed – August 13, rake Yellow Trail, FMCP and trim back

Website status, D. Schaefer – moving along; almost ready – may change the contact us info to only one page instead of scattered throughout


– WEBSITE “OWNERS”, ie., who has responsibility for content input. Calendar, work day info, minutes, trail maintenance. General discussion.

– Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) communication plan. Use web site to advertise for someone to do this. – board member-at-large position open

– Eagle Projects, S. Padgett . Kiosk at Sandbar Park and boardwalk at FMCP – Chiyoda update. Pipe in. Gravel moved but more needed.

– Brainstorm ideas for 2 potential community hikes and annual meeting speaker

        Discussion: Possible orienteering event. Sustainability as meeting topic.

– Annual Meeting, Nov.

UPCOMING EVENTS – see agenda.

Perhaps omit one of the winter meetings as not much happening.