Finding Bigfoot

With the finding big foot activity, kids could be on the path to tracking down this mysterious monster. Is ‘Big Foot’ more than a myth? Hike through the local wilderness and search for fun and furry clues — even if you don’t quite believe.

The Finding Big Foot hiking activity.
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Tell your kids to keep their eyes peeled for clues that could have been left by Big Foot. Give them some garden gloves so they can safely forage around. If they see a clump of hair tell then to grab it — it might be a piece of Big Foot’s fur. Spy a tiny piece of bone? Maybe that was Big Foot’s afternoon snack. Is that a cave in the distance? Kids can make a note of it. It may be Big Foot’s home.

When your adventure crew gets back to camp, write down everything you saw and make up a campfire story about all the things you’ve found. Kids will have fun trying to scare each other silly.