November 2015 – Annual Meeting


PRESENT: H. Harris, C. Pratt, J. Boettcher, N. Platt, D. Bilsback, D. Kuhn, P. Davlin, R. Morrill, J. Darling, C. Gumina, S. Galbraith

FROM THE COMMUNITY: J. Harris, E. Mallory, R. Happ, M. Yaeger, L. Yost, H. VonGehlen, W. and J. Smith, J. Laudani, A. Frank, J. Montegue, S. Padgett, D. Gent

Guests and board members introduced.

Agenda accepted and October minutes approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT, C. Pratt. TOTAL: $11161.98. Detailed report attached.

MEMBERSHIP, D. Kuhn. 183 members. D. Bilsback will take over committee.

WORKHOURS, Y.T.D. SUMMARY. N. Platt. 1947 hours so far.

COMMUNICATIONS, J. Boettcher is taking over. Information will be posted in Herald, etc.

HOT COCOA HIKE, D. Bilsback. About 150 people despite adverse weather conditions.

TRAILS, J. Darling. A. Frank and H. VonGehlen to take over. – emphasis on maintenance rather than building new this year – reroute of yellow trail, WRNP – trail steward changes: – Bond family, Finn Park – brown/green trails, WRNP, J. Laudani – FMCP to become Finley FMCP – collaborate with Nordic Ski Club, workday, 11/14/15 – collaborate on accurate map of Webster Park – Sand Bar Park kiosk next year – new trail crew teeshirts with new logo

SCOUT PROJECTS. S. Padgett is taking over. One more project this year.

HABITAT PRESERVATION, N. Platt. – 19 people came out this season – Well Fields, Bay Road. Owned by village which wants to sell.A committee wants to keep this parcel in the public domain. There is an Open Space overlay. Meeting attendees asked to indicate preferred uses for this land.

OLD BUSINESS. – There are currently 13 board members; board proposal to increase number of at large members from 4 to 8. Quorum will then be 7.8 members. Proposal passed.

EXTENDED PRIORITIES FOR 2016. – trails in Webster Park – connecting trail to green space on Bay and in neighborhoods – clean up waterfront – properties adjoining FMCP; Cumberland and Eckler. Could these be purchased? or easements obtained?

MUSEUM CHRISTMAS TREE. – Decoration on Nov. 30.


Meeting adjourned. Next meeting Dec. 14, 2015, Web. Rec. Center. –