October 2015

Friend of Webster Trail Board Meeting

October 12, 2015

Chiyoda Community Center

Present: Hal Harris, Craig Pratt, Rich Morrill, Pat Davlin, Jeff Darling, Ron Happ, Norma Plat, Shari Gnolek, Dennis Duhn, John Boettcher, Andy Frank and Denise Bilsback

Agenda: accepted

August Minutes approved and distributed

Treasurer’s Report, 

Checking      $4306.30

Savings         $5426.65

Petty cash    $    87.60

Total              $9820.55



                   $  12.57   Norma supplies  $12.57  

                   $566.30  Card member’s services/Lowes charges

                   $ 200.00 Mc McAllister Signs



     Dues/donations  $ 440

     Pay pal                   $ 250.98

     UCC                         $ 830

     Interest                 $      1.16

Transaction $1000 savings to checking

Ken Lou Grant Approx $933


Donation from UCC church just came in

Craig will send thank-you note

Membership: 181 memberships (54 single memberships, 127 family, total of 369 members)

Communications: Newsletter

Great newsletter/Thanks Rick Taddeo

Trail committee Report

  • Last work day October 3, 2015, 14 volunteers, Worked on Blue trail FMCP moving back the brush
  • November 14, 2015 will be working at Webster Park Nordic Trail
  • Trail committee leadership

   Jim Laudani will take on trail Stewart of Green, Brown and Red Trail

Website Feedback, Normal Platt

3 emails this month

Volunteer Projects, Pat Davlin

  • Gosnel bridge repair completed by Chris Kowalski, Troop 163, as his Eagle project.
  • Kiosk at WRNP to be replaced Nov 14, old one will be taking down

Shari Gnolek to get large map, will need more content in future will look for volunteer

  • Possible Kiosk at Sand Bar Park
  • Trail Stewards are to survey all plaques to see which one may need replacing, report back next meeting, potential order from McAllister Signs
  • Policy will continue to be to give the old plaques to the involved family when the project (bridge/kiosk) is rebuilt

Habitat Preservation Committee 2105 Summary/Norma

The Habitat Preservation Committee has completed their field work for the 2105 season.    They worked for a total of 280 hours during 19 sessions.  The  following table lists the projects which we addressed.


Weed/mark lupine in small meadow


pull garlic mustard along Lake Rd.


Small Meadow marker posts


Hemlock Wooley adelgid trip to Big Flats


Clear Area 2 in Big Woods


Clear Area 2 in Big Woods


Native Lupine: Trip to Rome Sand Plains


Clear Area 2 in Big Woods


Plant seedlings in Area 2 of Big Woods


Maintenance Area 1 Big Woods


Clean/relocate nest boxes


Clean/relocate Webster Park nest box


Whack undergrowth in Big Woods Area 1


Plant 3 spicebush on Gosnell herd path

Stake/redo enclosures in Big Woods Area 1


Cut/treat Japanese Knotweed in Vosburg Hollow


Cut/treat Japanese Knotweed in Vosburg Hollow


Cut/treat Autumn Olive in John Ungar


Cut/treat Autumn Olive in John Ungar

19 people participated during the season:  John Boettcher, Lee Berlew, Carolyn Brown, Eric Brown, Joe Capolla, Bill Fisches, Sharon Galbraith, Dennis Gent, John Griffiths, Debby Hale, Dave Lentz, Tom Nash, Norma Platt, Nancy Poeth, Tom Poeth, Elfriede Reiss, Drew Yampanis, and Nathan Yost.

Old/New Business

  • Proposal to amend Constitution to increase minimum number of  AT Large members of the board to 8, board approved will have vote of the membership at the annual meeting next month
  • Approval of Dennis Kuhn, Larry Yost and Rich Morrill as At Large members of Board
  • Approval of Denise Bilsback as Membership Chair
  • Approval of John Boettcher as Communication Chair
  • Approval of Pat Dalvin to board for month of October.  
  • Steven Padgett will be scout volunteer coordinator next year
  • Andy Frank will be Trails Chair and will helped by Hans Von Gehelen.  This will be further discussed at next meeting.
  • Ron Happ potential At Large Member if At Large positions are approved by membership

Dennis Kuhn and Ron Happ created signs to identity trees at FMCP.  Rick Taddeo and Rich Morrill helped to install them.  There are 9 trees identified as well as Poison Ivy.

Shari Gnolek to discuss extended Mission options for the up coming year.  Will need to get input from Town and include Randy Nelson, Ron Nesbit and Mark Yeager.

Potential areas of focus:

  • How to connect neighborhood to trails, (Example Chigwell to Four Mile Creek)
  • Work and develop trails at Webster Park, (county park)
  • Develop land access to Devils Cove Park (county park)
  • Work to continue 104 bike trail to Basket Road
  • Expand Finn Trails to Maple Drive
  • Sandbar Park
  • Well field development *****
  • Expand existing trail system FMCP, WRNP, Big woods

Motion to get new ‘TRAIL CREW” shirts for 2016, Approved

Will need to show up at 2 workdays

Denise and Andy will work on quotes

Hot Cocoa Hike—November 7, 2015… Denise Bilsback will organize

Meeting adjourned for ad hoc discussions

Next meeting: Monday November 9, 2014 Webster Park and Recreation Ctr.