Summer Back Yard

Summer Back Yard Scavenger Hunt

Here is a great scavenger for your backyard.


  • Identify Your Teams
    Divide the kids into teams and have them select a name for their team.
  • Select The Area For The Hunt To Take Place
    You will want to select boundaries and keep the area limited.  Use caution tape to create the boundaries.  Hide the items within the boundaries.  Make sure the lighting is adequate. You can use indoors or outdoors.
  • Bags Are Required
    Decorated  bags should be given to each child.  This will help them to navigate and keep organized.
  • Prizes Make It Fun
    Select prizes for each team.  Even if it is just a certificate of accomplishment.
  1. Find something green
  2. Get the signature and favorite food of an adult.
  3. Find a stick longer than 1 foot.
  4. Gather three different types of leaves.
  5. Find a rock that is bigger than a quarter.
  6. Find something prickly.
  7. What is the make/model and color of the car the owner of the house drives?
  8. How many doors does the house have?
  9. Do 10 jumping jacks in front of an adult and have the put a * on your paper
  10. Find a flower
  11. How many bikes are in the garage?
  12. What color is the house?
  13. Find something that will float.
  14. How people live in this house?
  15. Find something soft.
  16. Find something that you can recycle.
  17. List how many things you can find that are blue.
  18. Find something that can be filled with water.