John Crittenden Eagle Project

John Crittenden Leads Whiting Road Nature Preserve Red Trail Bridge Project

The Friends of Webster Trails is happy to announce the installation of a new bridge on the Red Trail at Whiting Road Nature Preserve.  Mr. John Crittenden of Troop 262 along with 28 volunteers accomplished the bridge replacement.  John’s effort was to fulfill the leadership requirement necessary to earn the Boy Scout Eagle Rank.  The work was completed in May 2016.

The existing 3-foot-wide bridge was ten years old and uneven.  This bridge was removed as part of this project.  The new bridge is smooth and four-foot-wide to accommodate bicycle use.  The hand rail for the new bridge is of current design and safer than the one replaced.  A total of 244 volunteer hours were used to complete the project.

John Crittenden is a sophomore at Webster Thomas High School.  His hobbies include camping and playing video games.


New Red Trail Bridge